Our Work

Serve Ourselves joins the effort of other civil society organizations and community centres in ensuring that all children have access to education. Serve Ourselves achieves this by sending volunteers to the schools and homes of these disadvantaged children.


To ensure quality, Serve Ourselves has done two (2) things:

  • a. Training Tutors, called SO Mentors. The SO Mentors ensure that quality education is provided to the struggling children in their homes for about one month. This allows parents and/or guardians to be reached and encouraged to ensure that their children are in school.
  • b. SO Mentors also ensure that the parents, guardians or teachers based in these communities are registered on the SO SMS system for continued access to quality revision lessons.

3.Monitoring and Evaluation

Serve Ourselves provides lessons, receives feedback and also ensures that monitoring and evaluation is conducted to demonstrate the impact on expected community-wide impact.


Serve Ourselves ensures that excellence and equity are assured. All obstacles for different children are dealt with to ensure that each child has a chance and realizes some measurable benefit. A basic minimum of skills are achieved by SO Mentors or volunteers in the learners before Serve Ourselves moves to another community.