Book Release!

Exceptional Parenting… endorsed by economist, author and executive coach Chibamba Kanyama is a book about upbringing. It navigates through the life of a child from a tender age until they are in college.

The book is set to speak to parents and guardians on raising their children amidst challenges of natural disasters, human errors and disturbed societies.

If you want to get the gist of properly raising your child, this book by Brian Mbulo will help to guide you in clear steps and nuggets.

Brian’s argument is that with the complexity of modern upbringing, parents now need to be educated on how to raise their children. His views are that even amidst good current practices, old norms still need room in modern pedagogy. In this book he looks deeply into the reasons why children can end up violent or uncontrollable. He also gets into parents’ behaviour and conduct in the home.

There are sections in the book where he addresses community involvement as well as holistic education methods which parents should gladly uphold. This book is unique and stands as a game-changer in education circles.

If you want to be impacted positively get the book NOW!