Conferences/ Training

Technology as a Proxy: A New Initiative of Shakespeare Advanced Level in Zambia – Kigali, Rwanda (Brian Mbulo)

In 2020, the project “Serve Ourselves” was launched

The major project activities are as follows:

  1. Reaching out to learners through various teacher-training interventions/ workshops using technology.
  2. Conducting seminars in schools to promote the use of technology and to enhance the teaching of reading, writing and basic arithmetic.
  3. Advocacy campaigns for a more coordinated approach to early childhood learning and the integration of the vulnerable child, especially those in rural areas. Contributions and donations have been received to support the cause.
  4. The development of a suitable technology to bring the tutors, the learning providers, the parents and the learners together.

International Education Leadership – Amman, Jordan (Brian Mbulo)

Training/ conference was centered on:

  1. International education leadership.
  2. Ensuring that our learners are guided because there is now more to learn outside the classroom than inside.
  3. Cross curricula approaches and how learners are helped with their creativity.
  4. How to align the intended curriculum and the implemented one.

Main Speakers, Keynote speeches delivered by: Janet Morris (CAIE, Director), Jamie Kirkaldy (Oxford), Peter Hall Jones (The Spiral Partnership, Director), Vikki Weston (Pearson)